Molecules Matter


“The results have been very successful and this is a real breakthrough for the treatment of this widespread problem [asthma]."

Water-borne illnesses are preventable through the application of affordable, appropriate technology, and better health education.

'Aspirin' re-visited.

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Without Chemistry...?

Photo: African boys with water containers

Photo: WaterAid/John Spaull

Thousands of chemicals are in daily use in our homes, streets, schools and work places.

They are used for agriculture, medicines, plastics, food processing, water treatment, clothing - in fact there are few areas of life where the chemical industry has not had an impact.

Are they all safe? Are they all necessary? How do we decide? The importance of chemistry to people's daily lives is the theme of Molecules Matters.

This site, and the freely downloadable resources, have been produced to support the teaching and learning of:

... or simply to help each one of us to be active and informed citizens in some key areas of life in the 21st Century.